Katherine Kendrick

Sept. 26, 2020, 2:15 p.m.

Scholastically inclined [Tag: Darlene]

Okay so the thing about Magizoobotany, the thing aside from Elliot Phippen being in the same class as Kit, anyway, was that you learned a lot of cool stuff. Like a lot of cool stuff. The whole concept of being something when she grew up really depended on the day with Kit, but magizoobotanist had definitely crossed her mind. The animals were sometimes cool and sometimes weird, but that plants were almost always cool and Kit was kind of getting the vibe that Professor McCloud was like, secretly a gardener in her soul and not just a professor who was teaching about plants because it was in the curriculum. Even though Kit wasn’t going to win any academic awards, she had to say that what they had done so far in Magizoobotany this year had interested her more than any other academic thing. Except for Potions, but that was mostly cool because of Professor Rob, and also Kit was pretty sure that given the amount of explosions and things-gone-wrong that surrounded her during Potions, if she tried to get hired as a potioneer or something, Professor Rob would stage an intervention.

Plants could be used for all sorts of things. Over the summer, between marathons of The Princess Bride, Kit had also been researching dyeing her own fabric for cosplay. You could get box dye or do a charm on it, but in her opinion that was less authentic and plus, if she was going to compete at a con or something against Muggles, she didn’t want to cheat. Cheaters sucked, and Kit definitely didn’t want to be a sucky person.

However, it wasn’t dyes that had caught Kit’s attention with Magizoobotany so far. It was the poisons. In fact, it was very specifically that there were different kinds of poisoning, and not all of them were fatal, and some of them just made you kind of sick, which obviously made Kit think of Snow White, which obviously made Kit think of Darlene, which obviously made Kit think of a solution to their problem of Drew breaking up with Darlene. It was so simple she couldn’t think of why she hadn’t thought of it before: mildly poison Drew, and let Darlene nurse him back to health. A reverse Snow White. It was perfect.

That was why Kit had told Darlene to meet her in the library after classes that day. She was prepared for her roommate to take a little convincing, which was why they would be in the library - if they had to look something up, all the resources would be there. Darlene was super in love with Drew, so Kit knew she would have to convince her that it was okay as long as they only poisoned him a little. She loved Drew too (not like Darlene, gross, they were cousins) and didn’t want him to die from poison, so they’d have to be sure to not pick a deadly one. Another good use for the library books. There were a couple of candidates, but Kit wanted to be super super sure that they wouldn’t kill Drew when they poisoned him. Ideally, they would come up with a way to ask Professor Rob or Professor McCloud and make sure that the poisoning wouldn’t be deadly, but Kit wasn’t sneaky-smart with words like that.

Besides, step one was convince Darlene. And Kit, who had been watching the aisle between the bookshelves vigilantly, saw Darlene coming. She had made sure that they were in a part of the library where they’d very definitely see someone before that someone could overhear them. A table against the wall. That sort of thing.

“Hi Darlene!” Kit said, keeping her voice low. “Do you have your Magizoo stuff?” That was the premise Kit had brought her here under - that they would study for Magizoobotany. And technically, they would be studying magizoobotany. It wasn’t even a lie. It wasn’t even stretching the truth!

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