Darlene Knight

Sept. 26, 2020, 2:35 p.m.

That already sounds suspicious

Darlene was feeling very fragile so far this year. For obvious reasons. But she was doing her best to keep her chin held high, her shoulders down, her posture upright, and her appearance immaculate. No one would see her cry - except Kit, who, woefully, was inevitable, because, in the safety of their dorm room, Darlene was doing a lot of crying. And she was eating way too much ice cream, which also meant she had to find time to Not Cry and go swim some extra laps or something, because as much as she loved Drew Tennant, if him breaking her heart caused her to gain even a pound, she would absolutely murder him. Her waistline was of great priority and pride to her.

And so it went. With Claudia gone, Darlene was spending most of her time with her remaining best friend, Kit. Today, for whatever reason, Kit wanted to meet in the library. That wasn’t especially odd, but since they shared a room, they could’ve totally just studied there, away from public view in case Darlene was suddenly caught unprepared for a rising memory of her dwindled romance with the love of her life.

Upon arrival, though, she noticed that Kit must have taken that into account at least a little, since she had secured a table against a wall, where they could remain vigilant if anyone was approaching that might see her upset. Then she could just, y’know, slip under the table and cry quietly out of sight, the sound hopefully muffled by the table and also maybe by her sticking a fist or her skirt in her mouth. Normal stuff like that.

“Hi Kit,” Darlene answered back, trying her best to sound at least a little upbeat. “Yes, I have it,” she confirmed, placing her bag on the table and producing her Magizoo textbook from within it. “What did you want to study? It’s probably too soon in the year for a test.”

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