Sept. 26, 2020, 3:18 p.m.

Sorry, sorry! Um, yes, academics! Books! Learning!

It was a big hug, even by normal Kit standards. Darlene wasn’t an especially “huggy” person. She could count on one hand how many times she had ever hugged her mother and still have fingers left to point in accusation. It was a very Knight household. Kit’s household was obviously nothing like that. Darlene used to stiffen up considerably more when Kit demanded hugs, and over the years she found them generally tolerable as she had gotten used to them. But now, after everything…. Yeah, this one was kinda nice.

She sat down across from Kit and prepared herself for the incoming scheme. She wasn’t surprised at all that Kit didn’t actually want to study, but what journey she was about to take Darlene on was a mystery that would only be revealed in time. Or not that much time, because Kit talked really fast. It wasn’t necessarily the most promising start when Kit took off talking about poisons, but, weirdly enough, the more she went on, the more Darlene actually thought she was moving toward the same final conclusion.

Poisoning the love of her life would, to a personal in a typical, balanced state, potentially seem a bit extreme. However, in the mind of Darlene Nadia Knight, after being broken up with, this didn’t seem too far-fetched at all. In fact, it seemed like a pretty decent strategy. If she took care of Drew, truly helped him to recover from this ordeal, then surely he would understand what a terrible error he had made. The fact that she had helped plan, develop, brew, implement, and generally cause that ordeal was completely and entirely irrelevant. True love was often founded on secrets. This was sure to work.

“I’m in. What’s the plan?”

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