Sept. 27, 2020, 9:59 a.m.

Let's put that book learnin' to good use

Oh hey wow! For the first time in Kit’s entire life, a really good plan she’d come up with hadn’t immediately been met with some sort of argument of why it wouldn’t work, or some sort of suggestion to change the plan. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and proud that she’d come up with a plan that Darlene really believed in. Even though Kit loved her family and her friends, she rarely felt like they actually believed in her. More and more, she was beginning to feel like they treated her like a little kid still, actually, and so it was nice to have someone who believed that she could do an adult thing like this. Pulling off a scheme to reunite her roommate with her True Love was a super grown-up thing to do.

“Okay so I don’t like, have a plan-plan,” Kit said, still quiet but now talking less quickly. “But I’ve done some research, and it seems like there are a couple of options but the two ones that work the best are probably arsenic, or bloodroot. Arsenic might be a little bit hard to get ahold of I think?” There weren’t incredibly common reasons for getting ahold of arsenic. “But there’s also more ways that you can use arsenic, like it’s in drinking water a lot sometimes,” she had learned that from a book on poisons rather than their Magizoobotany book, because arsenic was actually a metal. “I don’t know where we’d get arsenic, maybe Professor Rob might have some in the cabinet with all the Potions stuff in the Practical Lab though.”

That cabinet was protected with all sorts of spells probably, plus a padlock, but Kit was pretty sure that she could ask Aunt Jessie or even maybe Marissa for some help getting into something locked. She just wouldn’t say what. Probably nobody would think that Kit was going to do something as grown-up as use arsenic, plus who was to say if arsenic was even in the cabinet to begin with?

“Bloodroot we definitely have in the greenhouses but I don’t know if Professor McCloud like super duper keeps track of how many leaves and stuff plants have? But bloodroot you can put on skin really easy, it just makes the skin darker and gives you a little bit of a rash like poison ivy or poison oak, but still makes you a little sick. Not like dangerous sick, as long as you don’t get too much. Or we could tell Professor McCloud that we’re making a secret potion with the bloodroot maybe?” Kit chewed her lip in brief thought, then smiled brightly at Darlene.

“Or we could find another poison! What do you think? Is there anything we learned in class that you liked?”

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