Mikael Lundqvist

Sept. 27, 2020, 10:01 a.m.

The higher the reach, the better the book?

By now, Anssi had a good routine down for his weekends at RMI. He was always up early - today, he’d woken up even before the sun had risen, and got dressed in the faint and unusually green light radiating from the magicked window over his bed. Then it was time for morning exercise, a habit he had gotten into during the years he had overlapped with Ruben at school and then stuck with because it had value beyond Ruben’s aggressive ideologies. This week, he had decided his exercise would be swimming laps. It was peaceful being the only one in the pool and swimming with the lights dimmed, even if the portrait in the entrance criticized him for having ”improper form, and presentation overall - although I suppose it can’t be helped for your type”.

The blonde had just shrugged it off and left. He had no idea what the portrait held against him, but there wasn’t any point in engaging it.

After a small breakfast, he set up camp in the library. Draco had its own private study, but in a strange way he found it too private; he just liked to have other people milling around while he worked, and his housemates could be both too familiar and too quiet. It also didn’t hurt to know that Malachi stuck to the Draco library. Anssi liked to think of himself as a tolerant sort of person (he had to be, just look who he’d grown up with) but even his patience ran out with the other boy sometimes, which was problematic when they were roommates on top of housemates. It was good to find small ways to space out their necessary interactions. And hej, maybe the threat of interruption in the school library would make him more productive...?

As it turned out, it did not. His vision was going fuzzy staring at the fine print of A Speculative Theory of Human Transfiguration and it was with some relief that Anssi turned blue eyes onto the first-year standing by his table. ”Ja, absolutely,” he agreed, offering a friendly smile as he closed the textbook and stood up. He wasn’t quite as tall as his half-siblings, but he still had half the genes, and at sixteen he was just shy of one-eighty centimetres.

Absently tugging down the hem of his white v-neck, his silver Prefect badge gleaming on the front of the shirt, he followed the smaller girl back to the shelf she wanted. Huh, the literature section. He hadn’t been here in a while. Then again, if she was wandering about in pyjamas it made sense she might be looking for a comfort read. Personally, he could never study in pyjamas - although he also wasn’t inclined to hang around in his dorm for the aforementioned Malachi reason, nor would he willingly wear sleep clothes around the school, so that might have something to do with it. ”Which book did you need?” Once she told him, Anssi looked through the shelf until he found it and passed it down to her. ”Enjoy reading for fun while you can,” he added, semi-joking. ”You can run out of time quickly here as classes get busier.”

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