Sept. 27, 2020, 7:01 p.m.

We'll definitely put it to use. Good? Ehh..

Darlene considered the options laid before her. Kit had actually done a surprising amount of research into this already. Poisoning someone didn’t seem like Kit’s usual type of silly shenanigan, but in a twisted way, Darlene was honestly a little bit proud of her. She had been pretty thorough, especially by Kit Kendrick standards.

“We... probably shouldn’t ask teachers for poisons,” Darlene cautioned. It didn’t seem like a staff member would especially be in favor of poisoning other students. At least, not one in their right mind. Although, come to think of it… “Well, maybe Professor Rob. As long as we are vague.”

“We might not need to do that, though,” she added, perhaps a bit too casually. “I bet I could get some arsenic from my mother. Can you send poisons by post? Anyway, we can run through our textbooks and see if there are any easier options we would have in our supplies or could make ourselves, or something.”

“Do you think you can drug him with it?” Darlene asked. “I doubt I would have the opportunity anymore.” That thought was sad. What kind of boy didn’t give his true love access to poison him if necessary? She had always known that she and Drew came from different world, but he really did not understand the rules of the game.

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