Oct. 3, 2020, 7:05 p.m.

Don’t go back and reverse all this progress!

Sadie didn’t have a real guess for his quiz on the matter of if sprog Rob had legs made for walkin’, but she did throw down a sweet tip into his school years. ”Prof Rob played Quidditch? Bloody hell,” he exclaimed, thoroughly impressed and not more than a little intimidated. Now he had even more questions, such as, did Rob lose his legs to a stray Bludger? Joey’d never played Quidditch but his dad played when he was at the Zealander magic academy and had some crazy stories ’bout how much damage those metal whackos could do. (Also crazy stories in gen. Apparently NZAM’s Pitch was like, half on the beach and half in the ocean, and it wasn’t uncommon for flyers to get bogged down by a big ole boomer wave.) And well, he’d seen the Bludgers bit for himself too - he almost always went to watch the games, cos if Draco wasn’t up for kills then it was one of the other three (duh) which meant he had mates to cheer on, guaranteed.

He snickered obligingly at her mention of Dungbombs. ”Prime skill, that.” Practical knowledge always came in handy sooner or later, even it was stink-related. But he still got why she was stuck on the family theory stuff over practicals right now, and took this as a sign to finally come ’round and plop himself onto a chair. He plopped a bit too heavy though, and had to make a quick rock before the chair crashed over, but pulled outta it just fine. Joey might not have a Quidditch body, but he knew how to surf, and that took balance knowhow.

”Right, so your mum, then,” he announced. ”She got you from somewhere, yeah? Even if she don’t catch your family’s names and stuff, she’d’ve talked up someone, ain’t like dudes can just pick up babies and walk out without signin’ papers. And whoever she talked up, an office type maybe, they’d have all the notes on your family. So you just gotta figure out when your mum got ya, and where she was holed up livin’, cos that’ll be near where she prolly got you from, and then you can go ask them.” He nodded triumphantly, shaggy black hair flopping into his eyes. ”Lot of steps but it makes sense, eh?”

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