Sadie Embers

Oct. 17, 2020, 1:23 p.m.

Slow but solid progress here!

Clearly, Joey had never seen Rob when he was in a showboat mood. It didn’t happen all that often - in Sadie’s opinion, he preferred a sneaky kind of chaos that hit you before you could realize it was even happening. You’d just munch on a cupcake and BAM, now your tongue was covered in fur. Classic Rob. But sometimes he liked to show off and would get on a broom and rub his awesomeness in everyone’s faces. If there was ever a staff versus student Quidditch game, Sadie knew Rob would take everyone out.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t reach out when Joey nearly fell out of his chair. Thankfully he caught his balance. The last thing Sadie needed today was to have to clean up after Joey if he cracked open his skull because he didn’t know how to sit in a chair. She was busy and stressed and she couldn’t remember the charm her mom used to clean up blood stains. Sadie often scraped her knees as a child and her mom always found a way with magic to get the blood out of her clothes. Her jeans would live to be ripped another day.

Anyway, Joey didn’t fall and break open his head, so she didn’t need to remember the spell. Everything was fine.

And look at that, Joey used his Not Injured Brain for logic-like things! The ideas were buried under the general everything about him that required effort to unpack, but she was starting to get it. Perhaps the key to translating Joey speak was to just… spend time translating Joey speak.

“You’re probably right,” Sadie conceded. “There’s no way she just grabbed me from somewhere. I think I’d know if I’ve been living with a kidnapper my whole life.” She pondered this. “I actually have no idea what she did when she left RMI.” Then she grinned. “Do you think the school has, like, alumni records? Maybe listing if they went to college after or something? And if they do - okay, I get the feeling the only people who can look at them are the people the records are about.”

The rambling made sense in her head, and it came to a very natural conclusion. “Okay - so step one, find out if there are alumni records. If there are, we’ll execute step two: A Heist.”

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