Oct. 17, 2020, 1:39 p.m.

Good is relative

So maybe asking professors for poisons wasn’t a good idea, that was fair. Kit hadn’t thought about how they might mention something to Grandpa Garen or Grandpa Aaron on accident, although Darlene was right that Professor Rob was probably a safe bet. Professor Rob had gotten into a bunch of trouble as a student, Kit was 99% sure, less because she had secret insider sources on the secret histories of the professors (although that would be super amazing cool, imagining professors as teenagers was so weird. Like, maybe Professor Brooks, the new Defense teacher, had actually been a really boring normal teenager and then she’d been kidnapped by renegade clowns and joined the circus because of Stockholm Syndrome and now she was like she was), and more because Professor Rob couldn’t stop pranking people even know as a grown-up. Like, a super grown, grown-up. Like, almost old enough to have kids at RMI grown-up. Kids were supposed to make adults boring and calm, so if this was Professor Rob at boring and calm, Kit would have paid an actual Galleon to know what he was like as a student.

However, even Professor Rob might be against actually and for real poisoning people. He’d only done that to his upper years students as a joke (or at least, that was the rumor). Also, Kit realized, it might be bad for his job if he were caught helping her and Darlene to poison someone. So no, they shouldn’t ask professors.

And then Darlene said she might be able to get arsenic from her mother, and Kit’s eyes widened noticeably. She knew that Darlene’s family was a little weird, but her family was a little weird. One time they’d had an assignment in History of Magic to do their family trees, and for Kit and Drew, that had been a challenge. Like technically she had grandparents who weren’t Grandpa Garen and Grandpa Aaron but she’d only seen Dad’s parents like, once. And Mom’s mom was dead, and her Dad was in jail because he was a bad person. As Kit had gotten older, she’d kind of wondered what kind of bad person he was (was she technically related to a bank robber? A Dark wizard? A puffskein kidnapper?) but she very rarely even remembered that her biological extended family existed. Which was awkward because her younger cousin was actually at RMI now, but he was technically just her step-cousin and they’d met like, once and a half. But anyway, even though Kit’s family was super weird both in construction and in actual persons involved, she’d probably be grounded for life if she told anyone she was related to that she wanted to poison her ex-boyfriend.

Well, she had wanted to poison her ex-boyfriend. But not because they were True Loves. Because he was, to take one of the phrases she’d learned from Dad when he thought she wasn’t listening, a rat bastard.

It was good for parents to be supportive of their children and Kit was very glad to have supportive parents, and it was very useful for Darlene to have a supportive mom right now, but Kit was a little concerned that Darlene had the kind of family that would just send her arsenic, just like that. How was Darlene even going to explain it? Nope - there was no way that Darlene could explain it that made sense for her mother to send arsenic. Professors they could maybe convince it was for a project, but parents would know they could get all their stuff for projects at school. Wow okay.

“I don’t know if you can owl poisons to school,” Kit said. She’d never tried it. “But I don’t know, do they check our post? I don’t really get post.” Not since she’d turned old enough to go to Pearl Street to see her family sometimes. Everyone understood that Kit didn’t like writing letters and besides, her writing was bad enough that Kit was pretty sure that her letters weren’t always legible.

“I can definitely slip it to Drew though,” she addressed that question with a nod. “I don’t think he’s mad at you though? I think he’d totally hang out if you wanted to. But it’ll be less suspicious because everyone knows you don’t poison your cousins, this is just an exception, but if Drew knew that he wouldn’t need to be poisoned, right? We should just make sure it’s something really sneaky, we can’t just put a bag of chocolates on his bed or something. So definitely something I could put in his drink, or rub on his bag, or something like that.”

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