Oct. 17, 2020, 2:33 p.m.

Now you're thinking like a Knight

Darlene did notice when Kit’s eyes widened a bit, but she did not connect it to her own statement about the availability of arsenic. Why wouldn’t she be able to get arsenic at home? However, it was pretty rare nowadays that Darlene questioned much when it came to Kit, so she wrote it off as a Kit eccentricity, and decided that Kit had probably just randomly remembered that time she discovered where babies come from or something. Random thoughts in the middle of a different conversation seemed on brand for Kit.

Kit did have a point, though. While Darlene was unsure if their posts were scanned in any way by the school, if they were, it would be difficult to explain why she was receiving poisons. And they would probably confiscate it, anyway. So poison delivery was probably out of the question.

Darlene wasn’t entirely sure she agreed with the notion that people didn’t poison their cousins - blood relatives were the next common targets after romantic interests, but obviously the two Lyras came from vastly different families - but she did agree that Kit had more opportunity. Darlene was glad to hear Drew wasn’t completely mad at her, though. She missed him and loved him so much. She really wished he wasn’t making her poison him. “The bag thing is creative,” she praised. “Doing something like that could work as long as it’s unlikely that anybody else would touch his stuff.” They wouldn’t want to, like, poison Drew’s roommate moving stuff around their room, or, heaven forbid, Madeleine if she were to get into it somehow. “Maybe we’d better just do a drink to be safe,” she added after a little more thought. “It’s more classic anyway.”

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