Oct. 17, 2020, 8 p.m.

I'll need to polish my armor

Okay so as much as this whole thing had been Kit’s idea, and she totally stood by the concept, it was maybe a little bit of a bad idea. Mostly because Darlene seemed to be getting...really into the idea of poisoning Drew. Kit had definitely thought she’d have more convincing to do in order for this plan to work, but as it turned out the actual logistics of the plan were going to be the more challenging part. That was unexpected, mostly because Kit had been so busy coming up with good reasons to convince Darlene that she hadn’t thought through the actual part where they had to come up with a poison and then give the poison to Drew. But that Darlene had easy access to arsenic was concerning mostly because Kit still could not think of a single reason why someone would have that unless they did a lot of using of arsenic. It wasn’t exactly a kitchen staple.

Oh Merlin, wait - was Darlene’s mother a serial killer?? That was like, the one profession where you needed arsenic all the time. Was Kit best friends forever with the daughter of a serial killer? Not that Kit would hold it against Darlene, unless serial killing was one of those genetic things or something. Like a family business. Which, if some of the History of Magic lessons were to be believed, it might be.

Yeah okay maybe this was a bad idea. But now Darlene was excited, and Kit didn’t want to ruin her roommate’s good mood, so she decided that the best thing to do was to make sure that she was the one who gave Drew the poison, and that she double-checked with someone who knew about things to make sure it wasn’t going to kill him. Maybe Remy, Remy was smart. Obviously Kit wouldn’t tell Remy about the plan to make Drew sick so that Darlene could care for him and make him better, but maybe she could talk about it like it was a homework problem for a class or something. On the other hand, Kit still wasn’t sure where she stood with Remy after the whole thing that had happened with Remy and Connor not-dating so maybe Remy wasn’t the best one. Maybe Professor Rob was the one to talk to after all.

“Yeah you’re right,” Kit nodded. “That way we can make sure he only gets the right amount of sick. It’s probably harder to guess how many times he’ll touch his bag in a day, right? So that means we need poisons that you can drink, and so bloodroot is probably out because it’s mostly a skin thing. And probably something that works better in water, since he doesn’t drink milk an awful lot.” She frowned at the books in front of them. “I guess maybe we’d better decide where we’re going to get the poisons - wait, hang on. There’s an apothecary on Pearl Street. Do you think they might have something? If your mom can’t get us the arsenic,” she added hastily.

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