Oct. 18, 2020, 11:35 a.m.

How can you be a Knight without armor?

It seemed like Kit was mostly full of good ideas today, since Darlene thought the apothecary was a great place to get their poison. And she was right, it would be easy for them to say they were working on a special project, although Kit wasn’t sure that the apothecary would believe that either one of them was looking for an internship. For one, Darlene was a princess and princesses didn’t have internships, they married their True Love and then did princess things. They didn’t work for apothecaries and to Kit, it was aboundingly clear that Darlene was a princess. Obviously the apothecary would see it too. As for herself, Kit didn’t think she really gave off the right vibes for an apothecary to think she was interested in an internship. Especially given the frequency with which she burned her eyebrows off in Potions. So maybe it would depend on if Kit had applied her eyebrow-growing cream that fixed it. It was so weird how everything magical just burned your eyebrows off. Did magic just have a grudge against eyebrows? Although that was probably better than your entire nose getting burned off, or losing a hand or something, or losing part of your butt which some people claimed happened if you stuck your wand in your back pocket (Kit did NOT believe that, she wasn’t gullible).

Then Darlene was saying thank you for having her back and Kit smiled at her best friend forever. They were roommates and best friends and even though there had been the thing with Darby at the very beginning, Kit was really happy that they were best friends now.

“Of course,” Kit said, oddly serious. “You’re my best friend and I’ll always have your back forever. That’s what best friends do.” And it was. Rose and Marissa even still lived together, even though they’d been out of RMI forever and ever. Like four whole years. Kit wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after school, or what Darlene wanted to do after school, but she knew that whatever they did, they’d still be best friends forever. Plus, Darlene was going to marry Drew one day, so they’d even be officially family! Kit couldn’t wait.

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