Nov. 7, 2020, 8:34 p.m.

We've got a plan of action

She agreed that he was goin’ on the straight and Joey flashed a big grin, followed right quick by a snicker he couldn’t keep in at the idea she’d been kidnapped. “Nah, that kinda mozz only goes down in movies. I mean ‘course some kidnapping happens for real,” he backtracked and went on to add, super logically, “otherwise how’d Holly get so much movie inspo. But kidnappers? Right mad. Defs not the parental type.” A lot of people had some kind of secret, but in Joey’s experience, parents weren’t ones to keep secrets for long. And like sure, his parents prolly weren’t the solid norm, but they weren’t off the deep end either, so it seemed safe to think that even a rare parental type of kidnapper wouldn’t be able to fake being not a kidnapper for years on.

The next thing Sadie suggested was alumni records to figure out what her mum got up to post-RMI. “I bet so,” he nodded. “School pride’s a big deal, ey, it’s smack on the grass to think students don’t get let off the hook just ‘cause they graduate. They’d wanta show off student grads and how successful they are. Good angle for fundraisin’.” Least that was what he assumed, considering the letters Dad brought home ‘round the same time every year all about how NZAM wanted to do a profile on him for some newsletter. He’d never accepted. Apparently one of his old school mates had done it before and then kept getting hounded for donations, and as Dad put it, both his job and his bank account had plenty of space to go off on.

He was a bit tossed off at her idea of A Heist but he didn’t think it was in a bad way. Compared to his friends Joey sometimes felt he’d never done anything particularly interesting at school, and A Heist would change that for sure. Might knock him out of the basic nerd bracket, too. “Might not need ta, since you’re her kid,” he pointed out. “They can’t deny you lookin’ up your own mum. But… right, whatever happens, I’m on board,” Joey decided with a grin. “You got me hooked now. Let’s check with the librarian while we’re here? Might at least be a section with old yearbooks or stuff all.” Yearbooks weren’t quite the same as alumni records, but there could be hints inside of what the grad class was plannin’ to get on with. And maybe he could sneak look up Prof Rob on the way…

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