Dakota Farnon

Nov. 27, 2020, 1:18 p.m.

Wanted: Anything more useful than these books

It was never too early to be looking at colleges. Dakota was pretty sure that Remy had started looking at colleges when she was nine, or something ridiculous like that. Of course, Remy was smart and had always known she was going to college. Dakota had spent a lot of her life not knowing things about herself, and it wasn’t until she saw what Holland was doing that she realized she did actually have a career interest. Or at least, that was when she developed one. And sure, it was in part because she was constantly anxious about something happening to her, but Dakota was pretty sure that Holland’s penchant for seeing potential threats was why they had gone down the Cursebreaker path too. Maybe there was just a baseline of paranoia required to be interested in that sort of thing. On the other hand, was it paranoia if at least some of the concern was based in reality?

As it turned out, there weren’t a whole lot of Cursebreaker programs and a lot of them were at elite institutions that Dakota was pretty sure she couldn’t get into. MIT and CalTech were, for example, probably off the table. From everything Dakota had read, it was pretty much a crapshoot for Muggles with perfect scores to get in, and she had far from perfect scores on anything. It was kind of depressing actually, and she wasn’t entirely sure what to do about it - so far, she hadn’t found a single mid-range university in the States that did Cursebreaking. Was she just researching this wrong? Was there a different book she was supposed to be looking in? Dakota looked at the books piled around her, all from the section of the library that was supposed to be about planning your future or whatever. Why wasn’t there just a book with all of the universities that offered a certain major? That would be too easy, clearly. Ugh. Dakota wished that there was another person with her, for possibly the first time in her life. Almost anything would be better than just sitting here searching uselessly through books to find information that might not even exist.

But although Dakota had definitely been hoping for something to distract her from what she was doing before she became just a ball of hopeless anxiety, she had not been hoping to have something to whizz right past her head and smack against the bookshelf behind her. Her head shot up and she looked behind her for a second, then looked quickly to where the thing, whatever it was, must have come from. She didn’t see anyone immediately, which was a little concerning.

“What the hell?” she said in that direction, not really expecting an answer but hoping some explanation for whatever had just happened would manifest. Ideally without one of the idiot pureblood girls behind it.

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