Rhiannon Taren

Nov. 27, 2020, 2:15 p.m.

Methinks it is like a weasel

The best part about being twelve and kind of short (statistically, Rhiannon wasn’t actually shorter than most twelve-year-olds of her weight and sex but twelve-year-olds in general weren’t the tallest people, so it worked for her) was that older students didn’t pay much attention. Some of them were deliberately mean, but most of them just ignored the underclassman. Which meant that if Rhiannon was in the library, say, and looked like she was deeply immersed in her book, it seemed as though none of the upperclassmen would think twice about saying things around her. That was how Rhia had found out about the Foe-Glass lesson that Professor Rob had done with his advanced class. Rhiannon actually had never heard of a Foe-Glass, so it took some research to figure out what it actually was and what it did, but she found it absolutely fascinating.

Obviously she couldn’t pour a mirror on her own like Professor Rob had the upperclassmen do, and although she suspected that if she asked him that he would allow her to try it, Rhiannon didn’t want to ask. However, the books that she read indicated that there were other ways to make a Foe-Glass, one of which was through enchantments. Now sitting in a corner of the library with a mirror on her lap and a book on the table next to her, Rhiannon was doing her best to try those enchantments. The book with the instructions said that it was an advanced task, but Rhiannon knew that she was remarkably intelligent and she didn’t believe in artificially constructed barriers around academic accomplishments.

However, much to her chagrin, the enchantment was hard and Rhia was really struggling with it. She kept circling her wand and muttering the words, it just wasn’t working. After about ten minutes of that, Rhia stopped and took a deep breath, shutting her eyes. She took several more deep breaths and focused, then opened her eyes and focused her gaze steadily on the mirror. Circling her wand, Rhiannon muttered the incantation as it was written in the book, focusing her mind on the mirror in front of her. She was so focused on the mirror that she had no real sense of what was going on around her, but time after time the enchantment didn’t catch. Finally, she put her wand down, still staring at the mirror and starting to wonder what was escaping her.

Then all of a sudden - there was a flash of red that whisked across the mirror and Rhiannon looked up, startled and expecting to see someone right above her. But there wasn’t anyone there.

There was, however, someone standing directly in front of her.

“How long have you been there?” Rhia asked, a little shakily. Had she been being watched this whole time? That was unspeakably creepy.

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Methinks it is like a weasel - Rhiannon Taren || November 27