Malachi Çenturion

Nov. 17, 2019, 5:47 p.m.


The library certainly had to be one of Malachi's favorite places. As much as he loved the one in the Draco common room, it did tend to get a little bit crowded on school nights. He preferred to study alone, and in silence. Mal just had a hard time concentrating, especially when people across the room were gossiping and talking relentlessly. Not that he had anything against them--he just didn't see the point in spreading rumors, positive or negative.

So, he'd returned to his favorite plush, cozy loveseat by one of the big fires in the library, and pulled one of the little tables toward him. Mal set his books on top before pulling out his quill and ink pot and notebook. Note-taking was something he actually thoroughly enjoyed, even though most people loathed the long, never-ending process. He liked the monotony of copying down notes because it gave him time to think. He always took short-hand ones during lectures before re-printing them into a more readable font. It was easy, and may have been a waste of paper, but he always tried to recycle what he didn't end up using.

He thought about his mom, and Bianca, and maybe even Kevin as he mindlessly recopied his notes onto the blank page in an even, readable print. Mal knew that Bianca was still absolutely devastated that she couldn't come to RMI yet, but he just had to keep telling her that in a year, she'd be getting her letter, too. In the meantime, his poor mother Valeria had to deal with Bianca's temper-tantrums about going to Muggle school.

He wondered how Kevin was dealing with it all. Kevin was a muggle after all, and Malachi wasn't so certain how he was handling all the talk of magical schools and wands and a tween step-daughter, who, although he loved dearly, had a bit of an attitude problem. Maybe as she got older, Bianca would get a little less sassy and rambunctious (not that it was a bad thing--it gave her character!), but Mal kind of doubted that would happen.

While he was stuck in his thoughts, he barely heard footsteps heading in his direction, but Mal was certain it just another student searching for the warmth of the fire. So, he went back to his notes before there was a person suddenly squeezing in next to him, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Malachi froze, his left hand pausing in the middle of his sentence. What kind of person just sits down right next to you when there are literally tons of other couches around?! He glanced up at the other student, a look of shock on his face before Mal spoke in a cold, somewhat confused voice, eyebrows furrowed and dark eyes vaguely disturbed. "Can you?"

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