Mikael Lundqvist

Nov. 29, 2020, 9:51 p.m.

I can't quite offer a hand, but maybe a foot?

Moving quickly down the hall, trying to use his naturally longer stride to conceal how much of a rush he was in, Anssi’s progress was halted when he reached the lecture hall. “Fan.” The word came out very softly, almost passable as just a sigh, but it was definitely not. He wasn’t normally one for cursing, although his siblings’ proficiency in it always rubbed off on him a bit after spending the holidays together.

(Unsurprisingly, Dagny’s offer to host Christmas Eve dinner this year had resulted in burnt potatoes, several kubb-related injuries when Jocke decided to once again set up a game in their living room, a round of icy lake swimming, and his idiot brother getting into what he claimed was just a friendly brawl in the sauna… although this was still a step up from the neighbours calling the fire department after her attempt at cooking last year. If only Jocke wasn’t such a marshmallow and could just ban her from the kitchen; Dagny always insisted on trying to prove herself during the holidays and then got all worked up when it failed. At least if Kaye and Ruben ever decided to start hosting family dinners, he could be pretty confident Kaye wouldn’t pretend to know how to cook and make them all suffer for it.)

Blue eyes circling over the closed door, he had to admit that he hadn’t thought this far ahead. When Aaron wasn’t in his office, he had done a quick loop of the areas he thought were next most likely, but after having no success at the diner or the library library he’d wound back towards the classrooms with an increasingly sinking feeling. This feeling had apparently been justified. A closed door could only mean one thing: Spellwork was in session and, checking his watch, he was out of luck for at least the next hour. Great. What was he supposed to do now?

Anssi ran his fingers through his hair - an anxious habit ever since he shaved the sides of his head last year, although the right side was left untouched today as his arm remained buried in his robes pocket. This was to hide the embarrassing fact that his hand was gone. Well, more accurately, his hand was now a hoof, which was arguably better because it meant he was making progress in his animagus studies but also arguably much worse because he hadn’t been able to get it to turn back. What had previously been normal blonde arm-hair and five fingers had been replaced with thick whitish grey fur and no fingers at all.

It wasn’t exactly an emergency, but it also wasn’t a problem he wanted to advertise by doing something suspicious like sitting outside the door to wait. He might as well go back to the library. Maybe he could find an answer in one of the human transfiguration books, or kill enough time looking that Aaron’s class would be over.

Even in the library, he couldn’t manage to escape attention, though this time it was his own fault. While roaming up and down the aisles, so far not finding any Animagus-related books he hadn’t already read cover-to-cover, Anssi had come across one of the librarian’s cats stalking along an empty shelf. If he couldn’t find a book yet, playing with a cat seemed a good way to pass the time, so on a whim he’d charmed a crumpled scrap of paper to roll up from behind it. It turned, it pounced, it swiped the paper ball so hard that it went flying through the shelf to the other side, and was soon followed by Dakota’s voice. “What the hell?”

“Sorry,” Anssi returned immediately, hurrying around the shelf. “I underestimated how good the library cats are at hunting paper.” Approaching her table, he stuffed his left hand into his pocket as well, thinking maybe that would attract less attention than walking around with one hand hidden - but then decided asymmetry was more natural and pulled it out again, although his left fingers quickly raised to again run anxiously through his hair. “What are you up to? Want some company?” He and Dakota didn’t spend much time together these days, but catching up with her would probably make the hour go by even faster than pacing the library aisles or antagonizing the cats.

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