Dec. 1, 2020, 8:46 p.m.

Me- uh, I mean I didn't hear any "pops!

Nando walked by the library's entrance. And then he did it again. And one more time.

Okay. Nando didn't really believe in the new age tradition of """"reading"""" to learn something. It's not that he didn't understand the benefits of a particularly stimulating book- both of his parents were very keen on making sure that he would read as much as he played soccer the summer before being admitted to RMI. He cringed as he remembered.

"Mijo. Do you know what's just as good as working out?" They would ask.

"W-" He was cut off by his mother.

"Eh-xactly! Working IN!" She laughed, thrusting a beaten old copy of J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. Nando squinted at the cover, trying to decipher what exactly he was looking at. It took him a week to finish reading it, another week to stop saying "Phony" in every conversation, and finally one more week to Google why there was a picture of a "caballo arruinado" on the cover. The book was entertaining, but he hated that his sisters and mother kept trying to analyze what it was about- couldn't he just enjoy it at face value?

Oh yeah- back to the library. Nando walked by the entrance of the library, this time lingering near the doorway. He looked inside, timidly poking his head as if in shame. There was a scattered bunch of students, some upperclassmen as old as seventeen, and others closer to his age. He instinctively walked towards the latter, trying not to be seen by anyone as he walked towards the section labeled "Spellwork". Not bothering to pick something appropriate to his level of expertise, he made a big deal out of taking out a book titled "Charming Enchantments: An Advanced Exploration" and plopping it loudly on the table nearest to him, garnering him a few well-deserved "SHHHH's" that made him snicker to himself quietly. Unfortunately, he did not see that the table that he just slammed into was occupied.

“How long have you been there?” Rhia asked, a little shakily.

Nando, suddenly very embarrassed for his shoddily-planned gimmick, averted his gaze from the girl speaking to him to try and come up with an excuse.

"Not too long. Disculpame, I didn't realize you were studyi-whatisthat?" His eyes lit up at the magic artifact the girl seemed to be hexing- no not hexing, bewitching? Brujeriando??? Vernacular didn't matter; cool shiny object did. He saw a quick flash of color fly across the mirror, which made him audibly gasp ("Shhhh!"). He set all of his stuff down immediately and sat across from her. "Can you do that again?"

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