Dec. 19, 2020, 12:29 p.m.

Not all weasels Apparate you know

It made Rhiannon feel slightly better to know that she hadn’t been making up the flash of red, but she had no idea what it could be. She certainly hadn’t done anything. Or had she? Rhia had never actually seen a Foe-Glass before, although flashes of colors weren’t something that she had read they tended to reveal. Additionally, Rhiannon was relatively certain that Foe-Glasses only worked for the person that was looking at them, much like a Mirror of Erised. Although she was not absolutely positive that was a fact, that was what much of her reading had led her to believe. A Mirror of Erised (which had been named by someone who thought himself entirely too smart, clearly) would show the greatest desire of the person who was looking at it directly, even if another person was standing behind them. That left one of two options. Firstly, the kid in front of her - Fernando - could be her greatest enemy or secondly, the mirror had come pre-charmed. Neither solution seemed particularly obvious.

Rhiannon frowned. Did she even have a greatest enemy? If she had to pick it was probably Dmitry but she couldn’t imagine her classmate having enough brains put together to actually be her greatest enemy.

But just in case she turned around, looking about what she could see of the library, which was mostly shelves. No, no Dmitry. So that was that ruled out then. Weird, though, that the mirror already had a charm on it. Rhiannon wondered what it was.

“I didn’t do anything,” she said. “Not just now, anyway. What are you doing with that book?” Rhiannon eyeballed it, catching the title upside-down. “That’s way above your level,” she said, a little condescendingly even though it was above hers too.

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