Quinn Walker

Nov. 18, 2019, 12:59 p.m.


The end of the school day meant that Quinn was free to do whatever she wanted and today the fourth year wanted to curl up on her favorite coach loveseat in the library and read some more of her favorite series Heiresses and Suitors. This was the fourth book in the series and Quinn was positive the pureblood witch, Kara Sparks was going to run off with the muggleborn boy, Alex Bentonshe had fallen in love but the boy Kara had been betrothed to Franklin Warner-Talley the third had kidnapped Kara! The fourth year just had to find out what happened to Kara and asap!

The Cetus’ brown hair was in a perfect bun, she was wearing a black high waisted black skirt, wore a white button up shirt that had a hunter green cashmere sweater over it. The button up shirt had a peter pan collar that she had placed over the sweater. Today the fourth year had ditched the five inch Louboutin heels for the flat black louboutins. Mama had insisted she keep a pair of flats and there was no way Quinn was going to wear non designer shoes.

When Quinn got to her favorite area she was shocked to see a boy in her year. She narrowed her eyes. She was almost positive his name was Melchior or some nonsense like that. On top of that he was a Draco and they had their own library. Why was here? On her favorite loveseat?

Deciding to fight fire with fire Quinn walked over and sat down next to him. When he asked if he could help her she shook her head. “Nope just wanted to get comfortable.” She said as she pulled out a cozy blanket, brought up her knees and opened her book. “Carry on.” The Cetus smiled as she looked down at her book and began reading. Hoping the boy would get annoyed and move so she could stretch out like she normally would.

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