Dec. 20, 2020, 11:50 a.m.

Apparating Weasels work for the Bourgeoisie

"Oh, this? Just doing some light reading- figured reading the advanced version of the textbook might have some cheat codes on figuring out what it is we're learning in class. My mami always tells me to "work in" as much as I "work out" so I'm doing a #BigSmart and studying light charms. Look," he quickly turned the page detailing the three variations of Lumos: Lumos Solem (sunlight and heat), Lumos Duo (strong light beam, effective on ghosts), and Lumos Maxima (big ol' flashbang). He doggy-eared all of their respective pages and then flipped over to the color changing spell, Colovaria (which explained that the caster must imagine the color as they are changing it).

Quickly pulling out his wand, he tried a soft "Lumos", which didn't work. Scowling and rolling his eyes, he tried it again, this time mentally focusing on the word Lus (light) in Spanish. This produced a pretty stable version of the spell, to his annoyed delight, since this seemed to be the only way that he could do spells that RMI taught. Why he had to think and understand it in Spanish he didn't understand- double complaining time: why he couldn't just CAST it in Spanish, he also didn't understand. (Mental Nando Note #413: Ask about bilingual wizards and how to extract their forbidden knowledge). Looking up at the girl, who may or may not have just thrown shade at him, he smiled and explained.

"Ya see, seeing the red light coming from your orb thingie had me thinking- maybe the reason we can't think of the specific spell that is has might be because it's not just one spell. I've been learning about mod-" he cleared his throat. "Moud-" Come on Nando, you can pronounce it. Closing his eyes he tried again. "Mod-ee-fi-ers." Success.

"So I'm thinking, maybe someone modified the Lumos spell. Like, whenever I think of spells' equivalent effects in Spanish, it can change the spell a little bit. And since Colovaria says you have to imagine the change in your head, I'm betting-" He squinted his eyes hard, like he always did when he was trying to concentrate on magic, and then thought aloud "Lumos Rojo". To his surprise, a quick flash of crimson appeared from the tip of his wand before quickly turning back to the dull white the charm typically produced. Ecstatic, he looked up at the girl and asked her if she had seen what he had done. "Lo viste?! Maybe that's what you were seeing on your- actually I have no idea what that is. Is it an artifact or something?"

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