Dec. 20, 2020, 4:33 p.m.

Let's get us some good, working-class weasels

Overall it wasn’t as though Rhiannon were especially adept at social situations, but she would have been surprised to find there was a single person on the planet who could follow what was happening in front of her. So instead of saying anything, she just kind of watched in a fascinated horror as Fernando just kept going. And going. And going.

Rhiannon had a lot of questions. What was a #BigSmart? Why was this kid dog-earing pages like some sort of monster? Why did he keep speaking Spanish? And most of all, was Fernando...actually smart? He was saying smart things somehow. That was a little offensive to Rhiannon, who up until this moment had been very sure she was the smartest person in her year. Possibly even in the entire beginner level student group. How dare Fernando talk down to her and moreover, how dare he actually be helpful.

“It’s not an artifact,” Rhiannon said stiffly, choosing one question to answer. “It’s a mirror. I was - I am working on a project. But it has nothing to do with light spells, it’s much more advanced than that.” A tone of uncertain smugness had entered her voice. “Obviously. Light spells are easy.” She wasn’t going to admit she hadn’t tried to cast more than lumos and she also hadn’t even known about spell modifiers. Or truly bilingual spells. Rhiannon felt extraordinarily defensive. Hadn’t Fernando started the year late? What was he going to do with an actual education? “You wouldn’t understand,” Rhiannon said loftily, then because even with her pride practically limping around the room she still couldn’t control herself, “But why are you looking up bilingual spells?”

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