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Working Class Weasels could be our band name

Okay. She was definitely giving him shade now (or maybe she was being salty), he could definitely read it on her now. It was exactly like when Nando's sisters, Maricela and Natalia, would talk down to him whenever he asked questions she called "Nutty Nando's". It annoyed him to no end whenever they used that voice.

"Oh Nando, I've told you before it's sooo immature to bring peanut butter to doctor appointments."

"I'm not going to say anything, but I expect you to understand what you're asking is wrong."

Nando couldn't help but roll his eyes when the Draco told him he wouldn't understand. Igualita. The only way he knew how to handle his sisters when they got like that was by making them laugh. Thinking to himself, he realized Rhia loosely translated into laughter in Spanish, which he now understood was his sole purpose during this interaction with his fellow classmate. Can't be a butt when you're laughing yours off.

"Ahh-" He let his accent come out a little more clearly. "SeƱorita, that is an excellent question!" Un-lighting his wand with a quick "Nox" (He thought Noche to himself in Spanish), he produced a small notebook and pen (quills sucked), and started writing out words.

"So, I'm a little slow when it comes to magic, but I figured it couldn't be too different from my video games back at home. I keep on trying to do magic the way that they're teaching us, pero like I just don't get it. But! When I think about what the spell does in Spanish-" He turned the notebook around to show what he had scrawled down.

"Lumos" --> Light --> "Luz / Luminosidad"

"Nox" --> Night --> "Noche"

"It kinda just happens, I have no idea why. I think bilingual spells would be a good start to figure out what the heck is happening lol," He shot her a toothy grin. Wait, Nando, laughter. Trying to think of the worst pun possible, he tried out "Maybe you could tell me some arti-FACTS about how you cast magic, and I can try to think about more Spanish words applicable to your proyecto."

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