Dec. 22, 2020, 11:33 p.m.

Working Class Weasels: The Mulberries that we wish we bushed (Album Cover forthcoming)

Oh yeah. It was all coming together. Nando could tell that his sprinkling of Spanglish was definitely impressing his fellow witch- or at least, that's what he hoped the faces she was making meant. Okay, roll it back Nando. Maybe he was showing off un poco mucho. (Sorry, couldn't help it.) Dangerously, and like the dumb eleven-year-old he was, he scratched his head with his wand in confused solidarity. Oh shoot, he had to stop doing that (might accidentally poke his eyes out, he wasn't too worried about the spells department).

Scrunching his eyebrows together he let out another "Hmmmm," before adding, "You know, it could be because Spanish is my first language. But like, I don't know Latin?" (Mental Nando Note #414: Did all wizards speak Latin and just weren't telling him? Investigate further.)

When Rhia asked him if spoke any other languages he shook his head, and then, waggling his fingers in yet another dual finger guns, he added "Unless you count Twitch emotes, but you don't strike me as a PogChamp kinda girl."

What the hell had he just said. Quickly scrambling the conversation back he added, "Or sick gamer references haha-" This conversation was going terribly. He wasn't sure how he backpedaled onto this conversation equivalent of a bed of broken glass and he wasn't sure how he was going to get out.

Focus Nando. She seemed to enjoy speaking about spells themselves, he could just hone in on that. Sticking out his wand, he nervously said "I mean, I can try doing the spells in Spanish, but I think it's not working because I'm saying the literal translation. I think the words themselves aren't magical enough if that makes sense. I suck at magic though, maybe you can try?" Hoping to play into her favor, he added, "I mean, I've seen how good you are in class. Maybe you can help me figure it out?"

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