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Jan. 30, 2021, 12:05 p.m.

An innocent cloche hat

When you had a magical library, it was easy to lose a few things. And house-elves were inclined to pick those things up - but they didn’t always give them back. Sometimes the things made their way to a stash of hats in the Secret Passageways where they lived happily until one morning, when they found themselves once again in RMI’s library, this time carefully placed upon a comfy armchair.

Once upon a time, the simple forest-green cloche hat had been worn by a particularly fashionable 6th year from New York City and it had gone on many an illicit adventure to speakeasies. It had especially enjoyed the music and dancing that happened in those speakeasies, and would have been very sad to hear that those days were long gone.

Unbeknownst to the hat, some wayward magic had slipped into it in the time it had spent tucked away in the Secret Passageways with all the other hats in the house-elf’s collection. Anyone who came within a few feet of it would be compelled to pick it up and put it on. Worse, it was now a semi-sapient Thinking Cap and would help grease the wheels in the wearer’s mind, bringing to light as many ideas as they might possibly come up with and compelling them to share them out loud. This particular hat, with its strong memories of the 1920s, might even influence those ideas just a little bit.

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