Jason Fitz

Jan. 31, 2021, 9:29 a.m.

Noodlin' around

Professor Blair had assigned them another paper and for once, Jace actually needed to use the library. Usually when he had to use the library it was because he had’ta come up with more points for a paper than he was going to use in his paper. Letting Jake copy off him like they’d always done had kinda escalated to letting other people copy off him, which Jace didn’t really mind but did mean more research. Cultural Studies was usually an easy-as-pie class, since they were just doing things about other cultures and for wizards ‘other cultures’ meant Muggles. Jake and Jace had been raised half wizard, half Muggle so he figured he’d about got most of the cultural part of Cultural Studies down. Sure, Professor Blair actually had them learn about non-American cultures sometimes too, which could be kinda interesting, but it didn’t change that the class was usually a breeze for him.

So he went to the library and spent some time looking for books before realizing that the fact that nearly every book he wanted was MIA meant someone else was doing the homework too. Which was weird. Jace wasn’t sure how many kids in their class actually did homework for Professor Blair, not because she wasn’t scary (she sure as heck could be) but because Cultural Studies was basically nobody’s favorite class except maybe that freak first year, Rhiannon, who seemed to hate both him and Jake for reasons unspecified.

Given that all his books were disappeared, Jace could have easily blown off homework to go zooming around the Pitch or to get into some trouble with Jake or Sadie or Dea or someone but he was in a homework-y mood so instead he went hunting for whoever had his books. It actually didn’t take him very long to find her - it was that Paola girl who was inexplicably friends with Rhiannon and also very quiet. Could be that she was just quiet in comparison which would not be hard since Rhiannon seemed to have an opinion on everything - he’d heard she’d pissed that Russian firstie off pretty bad practically their first week of school - but Jace wasn’t sure he’d ever really heard Paola talk.

Dang sure he’d never seen her dancing around the library before, ‘cause Jace woulda thought before now that Paola wasn’t the dancing sort. She was also wearing a green hat with a feather in it, which was not what he would have expected and didn’t really go with her outfit either. It might’ve even gone better with his outfit, which was just a Quidditch sweatshirt and his perpetual cargo shorts. But here there was a girl asking him to go dancing on the main drag, which sounded like something that happened in an old gangster movie, but he was gonna go with it.

“Main drag, sure,” Jace said, before trying to imitate Paola’s moves. “Where’d you learn to dance? Did you get lessons as a kid or somethin’? And what’s with the hat?”

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