Fernando Reyes

Feb. 19, 2021, 11:06 p.m.

Loud Attempts at Quiet Contemplation

Nando quietly sneaked into the library, just like he had all year. Despite having checked out several advanced textbooks throughout both semesters to read up on his spell "cheats", he insisted on pretending each trip to the cursed palace of knowledge was a secret spy mission where he needed to be the coolest person in the vicinity or he would quite literally die. He took a breath. He wondered whether doing a front roll towards the return bin would be overkill...

One sore shoulder later, he made his way to a table allllll the way in the back where he sprawled out his loot in front of him. There were a few advanced spellwork books on charms (his favorite), some on transfiguration (meh), and finally, a book he recently found hidden in a small compartment behind the librarian's front desk. "Hi-Jinks & Vexes: A Beginner's Guide to Jinxes and Hexes". Sure, he had "accidentally" caught her putting it in the compartment after a student with particularly large and purple ears had given it to her. And it sure was "convenient" that she insisted on taking the said student to the infirmary. Of course, when Nando curiously peeked inside he also saw a literal book made out of smoke, and some manuscript that screamed when he accidentally grazed it, but he was sure this book was fine.

As he opened it, he swore he heard what sounded like a mix between an eerie whisper and a chittering pixie. He continued.

Welcome fellow prankster. If my tome of classic goofs and "funny" spells have caught your eye, then I welcome you. As a connoisseur of morally gray spellwork, my first bit of advice to you is to cast these at your own risk. My second bit of advice is to make a list of all the spells you've ever cast and then cast them in a fire, because I'm about to magically rock your socks off.

"Hm!" Nando said as he pulled out a piece of paper and pen. He began writing.

1. Lumos <3 (Flashbang Hex?)
1a-1d. Lumos Duo | Lumos Tria | Lumos Solem | Lumos Maxima

2. Locomotor (Thing Go Zoom Jynx???)


It took a bit, but after improperly classifying each of the particularly tame first-year spells that he learned as "potential for shenanigans", he crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it in a nearby fireplace, as instructed. Sadly, he hadn't mastered Incendio yet and had only managed a few smoldering sparks in past attempts. He hoped that by reading this book, he would learn how to harness power besides being able to set things on fire. Before he could continue to read, he felt someone's presence.

Quickly and very obviously shutting the book close, he looked up in horror as he expected a very cross librarian to be looking back at him.

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Loud Attempts at Quiet Contemplation - Fernando Reyes || February 19