Rhiannon Taren

Feb. 25, 2021, 8:14 p.m.

Like an elephant in a library

It was almost the end of the year, and Rhiannon could have avoided going to the library if she so desired but of course, she did not so desire. She was not looking forward to a full summer without the benefits of the Rocky Mountain International library, which was vast and also sometimes screamed at you. That was how you knew you were into the really interesting books. Rhia had yet to figure out how to make the books stop screaming, or ideally prevent them from screaming in the first place - the librarian had a low opinion of first years, apparently, because she never allowed Rhiannon the opportunity to look into any of the screaming books. She claimed they were for advanced students only, and didn’t listen when Rhia explained just how advanced she was. The librarian also didn’t have a very high opinion of Rhiannon’s experience in research prior to coming to RMI. So really, Rhia’s only recourse was to find out how to stop the screaming books from screaming.

Unfortunately, from the research that Rhia had done so far, it looked as though the answer to stopping the screaming books from screaming seemed to lie...in a screaming book. Which was absolute nonsense, in her opinion, because how were you supposed to learn something out of a book that screamed at you? Rude, gatekeeping librarians completely aside, that was just distracting. Rhiannon couldn’t understand how anyone could learn in those conditions.

Deciding to take her exploration to the back of the library, Rhia slipped through the shelves until she found the place she had left off last time. She had only started her quest to silence the screaming tomes a month and a half ago, which wasn’t nearly enough time to get through the entire library. Not to mention that Rhia was beginning to suspect that the library was actually substantially larger than it appeared. Sometimes it felt like an aisle was going on forever, but somehow when she looped around to start at the other end and work back to the main aisle, she never came across the same books. It was fascinating, and Rhiannon couldn’t help but wonder how the library cats (or were the kneazles?) felt about the infinite stacks. Inasmuch as something like a cat actually had feelings, of course. Most of the time when people talked about animals having feelings it was simply a projection of their own feelings, which was entirely useless.

The aisles seemed unusually short today, and it wasn’t long until Rhia’s looping around the shelves had led her to the very, very back of the library where, through the shelves, she spotted Fernando.

Fernando wasn’t Rhia’s arch-nemesis. That was clearly Dmitry. In fact, Rhia wasn’t even sure Fernando was her enemy. But Fernando was really annoying and - was he RIPPING BOOKS UP and THROWING THE PAGES in the FIRE?!

She stormed out of the stacks, robes flaring around her and green eyes furiously fixed on Fernando.

“How DARE you!” Rhiannon whisper-yelled, snatching the book he had away from him. “I can’t believe you just did that to a book.”

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