Feb. 26, 2021, 1:22 p.m.

Do you think Elephants like Large-Print Books? Ha! Geddit? Large- I'll let myself out.

“How DARE you!” Rhiannon whisper-yelled, snatching the book he had away from him. “I can’t believe you just did that to a book.”

Nando blinked and suddenly Rhia was in front of him, snatching his recently acquired l00t. Pouting, he quickly complained, "Hey! Give that back!" He was used to this, of course, having two older sisters who didn't care about his personal space. He used to keep sticky arms on his person in case someone got too grabby, using them as defensive maneuvers, and occasionally as long-distance acquirers.

Despite her misleading name, Rhia didn't laugh very much or have any sense of humor that he could determine. Maybe she liked British humor. Nando Mental Note #1129: When Rhia was not actively being a buttface, show her Monty Python and the Holy Grail and make her explain the jokes to him.

Scrambling up to his feet, he tried to grab the book out of Rhia's hands, but to his chagrin, he was too small. Like something out of a Wonder Woman comic, Rhia was nearly five inches taller than him (basically towering over him). Embarrassed that she was able to read the title of the book now, he quickly pulled his notebook from the table and showed it to her.

"I was pulling the paper out of here if you must know. Now unless I'm mistaken, wizards know all about the great Muggle invention that is a Wal-Mart brand, $2.99, 3-subject, wide-rule notebooks, so kindly give me my notebook back before I- I- I don't even know man!" Taking a swipe for the book, he whined "Just give it back! I'll show you where I found it if you do."

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