Fernando Reyes

March 20, 2021, 11:42 a.m.

New Year, Same Old Me [Tag: Josephina]

"Conjurus Bandalore." Nothing. Nando cleared his throat. "Conjurus Bandalore!" Nope. "Bandalore Conjurus?" No, no- definitely not, that one made the end of his wand start to catch fire, which he quickly put out. Nando sighed to himself.

Of course, he was back in the library. For a Lyra, it seemed that he appreciated bookwork and practical studying a whole lot more than whatever it is he was supposed to like. Theatre? Meh. Singing or dancing? Did he look like he was a Disney Channel child actor? Actually, he was pretty sure he remembered hearing something about that Angelo kid being some type of model so that one wasn't too far off from reality. Nevertheless, Nando couldn't help but feel that being sorted into the artistic house was some sort of joke. Often, he thought that he might be better at magic if he were sorted into one of the more studious houses like Draco (like Rhia), but decided he would never have been allowed to be himself and have fun. Wait. Wait a minute. He was on to something. He was having a thought. Not a Nando thought, but an actual connection of brain cells.

The spell wasn't working not because he was saying the incantation wrong- it wasn't working because he wasn't trying to have fun in the meanwhile. He closed his eyes and focused on the yo-yo his parents had gotten him when he was younger: red, with lights inside of it that would blink on and off as he cast the toy downwards, then upwards, then downwards, then upwards. With that in mind, he tried the spell once more, focusing on the imagery as he confidently bobbed his wand up and down. And up. And down.

"Conjurus Bandalore!" He heard a comical "drooping" noise, almost as if someone played a falling whistle, and to his content, the tip of his wand elongated into a similarly colored string that was attached to a basic, but stable, yo-yo. He was elated. He looked down at the book that he was studying, "Transfiguration: A Guide for Beginners", and almost started laughing to himself from excitement. Of course, this was a fairly simple spell, but Transfiguration was always one of the trickier types of magic to master. He was having fun whispering "Up! Down! Up! Down!" before he tried "Walk the dog!" and the yo-yo started to bark uncontrollably. Okay. He started to freak out.

"Quiet boy! Quiet! Callate! Carajo, shut up!" He started to shake his wand, which of course he shouldn't have done, because the yo-yo deattached from his wand and went flying straight into the bag of a girl who had been staring daggers at him as he began screaming. Whoops. Strangely, he would have thought the yo-yo to continue barking loudly. But it almost sounded as if the bag had swallowed him whole, the barking growing quieter, and quieter, until he could barely hear it. Embarrassed, he walked up to his younger peer and gave a meek smile.

"I, uh, think there's probably a dog park in there, haha," he joked, as he pointed to the girl's bag. He could no longer hear the yo-yo barking, and he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bag thing.

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