March 24, 2021, 9:50 p.m.

From Bag to Worse

The first thing Jo had done after getting situated in Aquila was find the library.

Elliot had told her that Aquila had a good Quidditch team, but that wasn’t anything in the ballpark of enough information if she wanted to properly bet on the games. The librarian had quickly pointed her in the direction of previous years’ Quidditch statistics; while they weren’t as professionally kept as she would have liked, they dated back to the school’s first Quidditch game and detailed most of the important information regarding each team’s best players and strategies over the years.

Jo loved looking for commonalities in each of the teams as older players taught younger ones their favorite tricks, what weak spots the other teams had, and the best way to maneuver the field throughout the season. She could tell the years the school bought better brooms for the teams every few decades the average Snatch (Snitch catch) time went down. She could also tell which players had likely gone on to the professional leagues by how much better they played than the rest of their team. Cross-referencing star player’s last names to professional leagues showed that RMI actually produced a fair amount of excellent Quidditch players over the years.

As she read more and more (and approached the current numbers), Jo started to realize something. Was it her imagination… or were Aquila’s stats getting worse, the more she learned? She was only five years behind the present numbers now, but unless the team had drastically changed fairly recently…the numbers didn’t paint a pretty picture for her house’s team.

Jo usually didn’t like skipping ahead, but the situation was dire.

She took a look at Aquila’s games last year, only to discover…

“This is pathetic!” Jo nearly snarled, flipping through Aquila’s last season again. “What, did Elliot mistake a Quaffle for the Snitch? Did the team just not show up to the Cetus game?”

While Jo brooded about what could be done about Aquila’s wretched state of Quidditch affairs, she was subtly shaken out of her thinking by the distinct sound of someone outright screaming in the library.

She had ignored the slightly older boy as she’d walked into the library for no other reason than she was a woman on a mission. There was no ignoring him now.

As he yelled at the conjured yoyo barking at him, Jo wondered if he was perhaps a few ingredients short of a potion. Her opinion didn’t improve when he started to wildly flail his wand around, tugging the yoyo back and forth like he was trying and failing to shake it off. Predictably (that is to say, completely unpredictably) the yoyo broke from the wand and hurled itself straight at her. Jo managed to duck out of the way, barely catching how the tail end of the yoyo flew straight into her open bag and promptly disappeared into the abyss as she righted herself.

All thoughts of Quidditch (and cleaning out the bag later this week) promptly flew out the window as the sounds of demented yoyo barking faded away.

Jo stared at the boy as he approached her. At the very least, he had the good sense to look embarrassed about almost knocking her in the head with his spell work.

"I, uh, think there's probably a dog park in there, haha."

Jo didn’t laugh, specifically because she knew he hadn’t come over to apologize. Jo steeled herself; there was no way she was going into the bag today. No matter what this strange boy asked, she was not spending her afternoon walking down a physical manifestation of memory lane to find this boy’s evil yoyo.

“I suppose you want me to find out where your project went?” Jo asked. “Why don’t you save us both some time and conjure up a new one? I’m not leading a search party for it just because you messed up. And before you ask, there is absolutely no way you’re going in there without supervision. Who knows what you might animate if you do.”

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