April 4, 2021, 9:32 p.m.

Baggin' it with Bagnerd

“Can't you just, you know-" He gave a high-pitched whistle. "Just pull it out?"

Jo watched dispassionately as the boy turned beet red. As he introduced himself, she held back the urge to tirade madly about how many people liked to go by nicknames in this forsaken school. Rob…now Nando… was there no end to it? As therapeutic as unleashing her feelings on the matter would have been, she had other things to focus on. Specifically…

Was the boy in front of her…making lewd jokes? And further, was he embarrassed about making them? Jo couldn’t imagine the type of person one had to be to want to make an obscene joke but not believe in it as they said it. Matters were both complicated and worsened when he tried to conjure another yoyo and his wand went limp in his hand.

He would not be doing anything within twenty feet of her bag.

“Fernando,” Jo said, doing her very best to unclench her jaw as she spoke. His wand was rigid again, and Jo had mixed feelings about the development. “As interesting as it would be to see you attempt magic again, I have my doubts about you being able to—” she gestured at his wand, “—keep it up, so to speak.”

She wasn’t going to even touch the lack of control he had over his magic. Not her circus, not her monkeys and all that. The professors would deal with that at some point.

‘Hopefully sooner than later, or he’s going to rack up a body count before this year is over.’

Jo continued, “I’m not telling the professors I have a mokeskin bag just because you lost your yoyo in it. If it eats my homework, I will hold you responsible though.”

And she would, make no mistake.

Then, from the abyss of her bag, Jo heard the unmistakable sound of barking, followed by a loud crash. God, the yoyo was violent, wasn’t it? This complicated matters considerably. What if it found its way out in the middle of the night and attacked her? What if it slipped out and caused havoc in class? What if it actually found something valuable and tore it to shreds? The yoyo had to go.

Jo leveled a glare at Fernando. If she wasn’t going to let him get a professor, and if she wasn’t going to let him summon the yoyo back…the only thing left to do was to go get it.

She sighed and shifted in her seat to face Fernando.

“I’m Jo. Jo Archer,” she said. “I guess you’ll need to know if we’re going to work together. Do you know how to cast Lumos, by any chance?”

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