April 24, 2021, 12:42 p.m.

Bagged Into a Corner

Jo could feel her eyes widen at the rapid change in demeanor. Was…was this kid actually powerful? She could usually clock the depth of someone’s mettle at a glance—was it possible that Nando had…some kind of hidden depths she wasn’t privy to? And what more, why hide competence behind a veneer of sniveling platitudes and unconfident bathroom humor?

She could feel a question beginning to form on her tongue, but kept it to herself. This guy looked like he didn’t have any problem with people who asked too many questions and Jo had more important things to do than listen to Nando’s backstory.

"Uh-do you want me to head down first or-"

Jo didn’t even think about it. The bag had mechanisms in place to prevent anyone who fell in from dying on impact—her father had insisted on slowing and cushioning charms lest his first-born slip and hurt herself—but Fernando didn’t know that.

“Absolutely, be my guest!” Jo said with a devilish smile.

Jo pushed him into the bag.

Fernando screamed—it was noise she’d never heard another human make but knew deep in her gut she’d probably be hearing a lot more of at RMI. If she had to pick a word to describe it? Goofy, just like the rest of him. As she watched him disappear into the depths of the bag, Jo steeled herself. It had been…months (or was it years?) since she’d been in the bag. She wondered if it was any more safe than the last time she’d fallen in.

“Only one way to find out,” Jo muttered, refusing to acknowledge the many, <i?many</i> other ways she might be able to divine that information.

Without further ado, Jo jumped in after Nando.

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