Norah Nilssen

May 22, 2021, 5:35 a.m.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged

Norah crumpled yet another letter from her suitor into her fist. So far, she couldn’t bring herself to hate Magnus, but she certainly didn’t like him either. He’d “courted” her over the summer and since term had started he’d been sending her letters weekly. She didn’t respond to most of them and some she barely even read. In response to the ones that she did read, her penned responses lacked clear answers and certainly contained no trace of interest or enthusiasm for their topic. While she didn’t hate him, her affections were near to loathing and had yet to fade. He was handsome, she could admit that, but there was always something she found to pick at.

Brynjolf, of course, thought the whole thing was laughable. He’d made it clear to her over his own trip home for the summer. Sometimes, she wished she could still hear his laughter, but when it came to her sham of an engagement, Norah was glad that she could turn her head and forget that he was making fun of her. Honestly, she probably would make fun of him if their roles were reversed.

Things at school had been fine. Apparently, Norah had a boyfriend and didn’t even know it. Sure, Eugene had kissed her once, but they had never really talked about it after that. The blonde thought they were friends and then all of a sudden he was breaking up with her. Now that was the laughable part. Eugene Hardy, breaking up with her. Had she really reached the point in life that she had a boyfriend, didn’t know it, AND got dumped by them? By CARD no less? Given, it was a nice(?) gesture, but Norah probably would have preferred knowing that they were dating before hand.

Merlin thank god Bryn didn’t know about that. She likely would have died before living it down.

Still, she couldn’t say that it didn’t bother her a bit. She’d had her first boyfriend and didn’t even know it. Of course, sensibly, she knew that a relationship she had no knowledge of was not a relationship at all. But still, she was mostly confused about how she hadn’t known that Eugene was attempting to court her. Also, she didn’t even like Eugene like that so where did he get all that from? Merlin, her brain was a jumble. Boys were stupid. He could have at least said something, but instead Norah wasted an entire time fake dating somebody and didn’t even know it.

The whole thing was pathetic and she couldn’t get it off her mind. Everytime she glimpsed the boy in the halls, her cheeks burned. A pineappling card. She was sure that Eugene had meant no harm by it, but the last thing that a girl wanted was breakup by card - imaginary or not. With a huff, the girl flopped into a nearby comfy chair in the library, Magnus’ latest letter still crumpled in her grip. At least he wouldn’t break up with her by card, probably just by a politely worded letter.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” she asked aloud, not caring who was around. The Lyra smoothed the sheet of paper out on her black skirt. It only took a few seconds before she crumpled it again in frustration. She squished the letter to her forehead, hoping somehow she could just absorb it and know how to make the whole thing better. “Relationships suck, who actually wants one anyway.” The words were filled with exasperation and utter defeat to a degree that topped the drama queen charts. At sixteen, Norah Nilssen was already swearing off men because again, they sucked.

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