Eugene Hardie

May 23, 2021, 12:21 p.m.


Detective club hadn’t been a success at its initial conception and had failed to bring any real change to the school in the years since, but after everything that went down last year with Drew and Darlene and The Great Poisoning, Eugene thought he might finally find some like minded souls within the schools living community. People were freaked out. One of their best guys had been targeted, and suspicious though she was, Darlene Knight just didn’t scream Mafia leader.

So he’d put out an ad in the school paper giving a vague description of the club and stressing the need for plucky and inquisitive individuals with a thirst for justice - and a willingness to wear trench coats. People loved uniforms, Quidditch for example, never had any issues capturing people’s attention, and Eugene had spent enough time in Drama Club to realise the importance of a good costume for getting into character. Eugene’s trench coat had been sourced from a thrift store and was slightly oversized but he felt it gave more credibility to his status as Captain of the ghost hunting squad and made him feel instantly smarter. He had coated the collar with a shocking amount of gold glitter but Eugene didn’t think it would be a problem when late night sleuthing because the enemy would probably mistake him for a low lying star. Today, as an added addition to his outfit, he had a dozing baby strapped across his chest wearing a green square shaped hat which Eugene had knitted as procrastination on the night a Potions assignment had been due.

He had placed a bowl of popcorn on the table (carefully taste tested for poison by Eugene himself) because everyone knew no social event succeeded without free food, and a box full of thrifted clothing left over from the séance he had done with Elliot a few years back to help the new members might craft their own disguises. Then the only left to do was to stand in the shadows, hope that the baby didn’t start crying, and wait for the next generation of eager ghost hunters to trickle in.

He had popped a pair of dark sunglasses on top of his glasses to add an air of mystery to the proceedings but lowered them when he saw someone approaching his table. “Psst, over here” he said, noisily waving them over, “you here for the detective club?”

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GHOSTBUSTERS - Eugene Hardie || May 23