Sadie Embers

May 24, 2020, 9:11 p.m.

Who, me?

For some reason, Sadie expected that going back to Rocky Mountain International after midterm would include some kind of change. Her mom’s promise of summer adventure was fresh on her mind, and she’d hoped that that feeling would translate to school. She didn’t want to feel this bored at school. Having fun and enjoying magic shouldn’t be this hard!

But she looked down at her schedule, and one of her first classes back was History of Magic. She literally groaned out loud in the Finer Diner and dramatically flopped against the table, nearly knocking her orange juice onto her peanut butter toast. Professor Boot was a super interesting professor, but his quirks couldn’t overpower the absolute snoozefest that was History of Magic.

Seriously, witches and wizards had to have more to their history than Goblin rebellions.

She tugged her robes on over her grey and black t-shirt and jeans - because she didn’t feel like getting Felled today - before forcing herself to the Lecture Hall. The Lecture Hall was, clearly, the worst of the classroom options. The Outdoor Classroom was clearly the best, and the Practical Lab was in second place. Both provided options for practical classes with twists, turns, and surprises. Not always, but more often than not. She equated the Hall with naptime.

When she took her seat, she moved to throw her backpack onto the table. She planned to shove her robes back inside to make it extra soft for her makeshift pillow, but there was something in the way. She blinked her brown eyes down at the paper. What…?

For once, she paid attention when Professor Boot explained the assignment. She felt grateful that they wouldn’t have to endure another lecture. That didn’t mean she wanted to do this, though. She definitely didn’t know where to start.

“What the hell am I supposed to do if I’m adopted?” She mumbled to herself but loud enough for her deskmate to hear. It hadn’t fully occurred to her until now. She didn’t usually think about her family not being her birth family. “I don’t know anything about “my people” or who I’m “descended” from.”

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