Madeleine Tennant

May 28, 2020, 11:14 p.m.

More like a herstory

Professor Boot was one of Madeleine’s favorite professors. He was a great storyteller (he remembered so many details and he always told you all of them!), and Madeleine loved a great story. And today, the History of Magic students were going to be the storytellers! Madeleine loved the assignment: she would get to write about her family, and probably get to hear other peoples’ family stories too. Plus then Professor Boot would have even more stories to tell, about all his students and their families. It was great.

Madeleine got out her brand new yellow quill (one of her Christmas presents was a set of bright fwooper feather quills) and dark ink (some of the professors preferred black ink for homeworks and stuff, but Professor Boot had never said he minded. He was a fun-colors kind of person). She wrote Madeleine Paige Tennant in neat cursive in the box, and watched the paper spread three branches out: two up, and one to the side. Madeleine wrote Garen Riley Tennant above her on one side and Jessie McKindy (hmm, did Jessie have a middle name? Madeleine would have to ask Aaron-Dad later) on the other. The paper connected the two names wrong, but that line disappeared after Madeleine drew an x through it. Much better.

She put Andrew Drake Tennant in the sibling box, but the paper automatically connected it to Jessie and Dad, which was… hmm, sort of right, but not quite. Gosh, she was going to have to do a lot of correcting this paper during the class, huh? Madeleine hadn’t even gotten to Aaron-Dad and Aunt Abby and Aunt Kat yet!

She x’ed out the line connecting Drew and Dad, and a new box appeared on the other side of Jessie, connecting with her and Drew. Madeleine didn’t know the name for that box, so she just wrote a question mark. Hmm, but now Drew wasn’t connected to Dad, and that wasn’t right either. Madeleine leaned over to the student beside her, looking down at their chart to see if they might have figured it out. Lots of students at RMI had family trees with grafted branches. “Hey, do you know if we’re supposed to show adoption in a special way?” she asked, not seeing the answer immediately. “Like should I do a squiggldy line, or—oh!—maybe a curly one?”

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