Sadie Embers

July 25, 2020, 4:29 p.m.


“I know they’re my people,” Sadie said pointedly, and she emphasized the snap with a roll of her eyes. “That’s not what Professor Boot said.” She couldn’t remember his words exactly, but she knew she was right. It was easier for Elliot. He had a big weird family with extra parts, but he still had a family history. He knew that his mom was a witch, and that even though his dad was a Muggle, Jimmy’s sister was a witch. So there was still magic in Elliot’s family from his dad’s side, kind of. Sadie could plug in her mom and Ava, Hayden and Bobbie, but that didn’t tell her anything about her history.

“Professor Boot kept talking about who you’re descended from. Like, who actually gave birth to you. What your actual magic history is.” Sadie tossed her quill onto the desk and folded her arms over her chest. “I don’t have that. This is stupid.”

It wasn’t fair. How was she supposed to do the assignment when she didn’t know anything about her birth family? Sometimes, Sadie wondered about them, but her mom got all weird whenever she brought it up. Like, they’d be eating Taco Bell, and Sadie would try to ask! But then Cosette would be like, “I made a salad out of cheap tacos!” And that would be that.

For some reason, Sadie got the feeling that even if she asked Hayden about it, he wouldn’t have much to tell her. Maybe Cosette didn’t know anything about her birth family, and she just didn’t want to disappoint her. That would be okay. It didn’t particularly matter, because Sadie loved her family so much. But right now, when she couldn’t fill out this stupid family tree, it stung.

“I’m just gonna turn in a blank paper,” Sadie decided, still pouting slightly. She looked over at Elliot’s. “I bet I could fill yours out from memory, though.”

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