Elliot Phippen

Jan. 30, 2021, 2:16 p.m.


After hours, the lecture hall was a good place to play D&D. There was a big old desk on the dais, which was perfect for the tabletop figures Elliot had made in Spellwork because he didn’t have the money to spend on figurines when a new console had just dropped. He’d played D&D with no map before and it was the nine hells on earth because Elliot’s attention span was very much dependent on being able to see how many Dark Spacewizards there were left. The lecture hall also had a chalkboard where Elliot could write down turn order so everyone could see it.

When Elliot got there (before Nando and the rest of his players so that he could set up), he wasn’t surprised to find the normal empty room. Today Elliot’s passive perception check revealed that the room was not as empty as always: there was a hat that looked like it belonged at a pride parade sitting on one of the chair-desks.

Elliot was a simple man. He saw a cool hat, he put it on.

And the Hat of Party Gay (Elliot assumed it to give +2 charisma but its stats were more like +4 wisdom, -4 intelligence) fit perfectly. It was the most far-out hat Elliot had ever had on his groovy head. Still intent on setting up for today’s session, Elliot made his way down to the dais. He’d just finished the figurine for Nando’s new character (the gunslinger’s life had been devastatingly cut short by an evil space goblin) and now that he was looking at the figure again, Elliot was really impressed with his handiwork. This little cleric dude was totally radical, from the boots to the tiny raised weapon, and Elliot had enchanted it to animate for Nando’s actions.

It had been a dark day for the campaign when the gunslinger died, though. It was so sad that the dude was part of the party for such a short time. It was like, life was so fragile, you know? One minute you were here, the next, some bogus goblin was crit-hitting you to your death. Any one of us was just minutes away from a TPK at any time. Why?

It wasn’t until Elliot heard the door open that he realized he’d been saying all of that out loud to himself. “Hey, man,” Elliot said regardless of the newcomer’s gender, as he looked up at them. “You ever wonder why we’re here?”

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