Feb. 20, 2021, 9:15 p.m.

Totally tubular!

Right on, Eugene was here! Eugene was one of Elliot’s best brahs, and also he was a total zeek. But he was dating Norah and Elliot wasn’t a skeeze so he was just gonna be the raddest bestie ever even though he had some ve~ery strong memories of making out with Eugene not too long ago. Like, Patronus-strong memories. Which Elliot was totally not thinking about right now.

My mom says it’s so we don’t set too many fires.

Elliot nodded thoughtfully. Whoa. See, it was good Elliot had asked Eugene, because Eugene always had the most radical ideas. Ones that really made you think. That was so deep, because… the metaphor… people needed the structure of life to not set the fires of chaos, or… uh… well okay maybe it was so deep that Elliot needed diving equipment.

But he didn’t want to let Eugene know he didn’t get it because he was a totally bodacious dude. So he just kept nodding his radical little head thoughtfully like a groovy deejay. “Cheeuh!” Elliot agreed. “I was thinking maybe we’re just here to have a good time, you know? Have some schweet friends and throw some bitchin’ parties with some righteous tunes.” He put the minifigure down and propped his behatted head on his chin to look at Eugene. “You got any choice plans tonight?”

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