Eugene Hardie

Feb. 21, 2021, 10:36 a.m.

Having a gas

Homesickness was having a really weird effect on Elliot and he was throwing around nonsense words like he was Shakespeare or something. Eugene’s head was so full of confusion he felt like he was talking to Joey which made Eugene think that maybe this was how people talked in New York and Elliot was just trying to connect with his home town.

Eugene could understand that a bit. He didn’t get homesick too often anymore - mostly because Elisa was there which made it very hard to miss - but when he did miss home he liked to make sketches of his favourite landmarks like the dumpster by his apartment building that they sometimes set on fire and that streetlight with the striped cone on top of it. Talking in riddles was just Elliot’s version of the dumpster picture.

Not wanting to discourage his friend Eugene nodded along and it seemed to be working because Elliot’s spirits shot right on up and he was soon talking about parties and all the best things about school and Eugene could breath better because didn’t have to worry about his best friend running off home and leaving him behind.

“Cheeuh!” Eugene yelled with enthusiasm, not because he understood the phrase but, because he felt the positivity bouncing off the sound and wanted to keep it going to keep Elliot happy.

“I’m making a card for Norah,” Eugene said cheerfully as he tossed the contents of his bag upside down spilling packets of glitter and coloured paper everywhere, “so that we can celebrate our breakup in a sad and happy way, y’know?” Eugene wondered if Norah would be expecting a cake. Oftentimes cakes accompanied cards even when it didn’t really make sense like at retirement parties. No one demanded cake at a funeral but for some reason when your job died it was appropriate which Eugene just didn't understand. If he died he’d definitely want the solemn mourners to enjoy a coffin shaped cake with a little fondant skeleton hidden inside. “You can help me if you want. I can’t decide what the saddest colour is. A lot of people would say blue because of tears but I think blue is pretty awesome. Like the sky is blue and that’s where all the stars hide - which is the reason I’m not sure about black either.”

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