Joseph Blair

April 24, 2021, 12:40 p.m.

Let's get this over with

When he first started at Rocky M, Joey’d been daft enough to think that havin’ a Blair on staff would be in his favour. Aunty Estelle wasn’t the type to go easy on grades, but they joined up on the hols and had dinners and stuff. Sadly he’d learned quick that there was no family discount; she was tight-lipped on all things school related (except when it came to snitching on Paige’s wildin’ and botched papers to Mum. Joey reckoned that was one gooder about him falling almost in the nerd class. He didn’t dig himself into the library like some of ‘em, but he could still pull a fair score on a test).

So it’d been a little off-shore when he ran into Aunty Estelle yesterday. They normally swapped hey’s, but this time she gave him a grin so wide he could see all of her teeth. Her sharkish comment of how she ‘looked forward to seeing you in class’ got him up on edge. Jarrett hadn’t thought much when he passed on the berko greeting, but it was still with a healthy pile of skepticism that Joey followed his roomie into lecture today. It got proven as Stell got talkin’.

Oh pineapple no. As the talk went on Jarrett was making a quiet wheezing sound, like he was stuck between laughing and dying, and Joey elbowed him to clam it but had to agree. He wouldn’t say he was right devo about this topic, but he’d gone through the sex talk with his dad years ago. It’d been simple and short and then they went surfing after. As a kid it was embarrassing, as a teen he was into the idea, but he really didn’t need to know his aunty’s thoughts on it. She was just talking so… happily. It was whack as. And they were supposed to go on for a whole class like this?

He watched with unconcealed alarm as Stell singled out Jarrett and sent him off to Hubert. He hadn’t had much to do with the Korean dude, but just enough to know that aside from general Asian looks he and Park had nothing in common. Joey never minded working with his roomie in class or out of it, after sharing a dorm so long they pretty much shared a brain too by now - so Jarrett plus his opposite Hubert was sure to be a wildfire.

Half-listening to his aunty’s instructions, Joey stared after his roomie for a moment, making eye contact and trading grimaces across the room. (This would’ve been so much easier if they’d been paired up, but now odds were high they would have two babies in their dorm at once some nights. Knowing Hubert, he might push Jarrett to keep the baby more often just to save his grades or whatever. Bugger, he missed his sleep already.) He then turned a full 360 to see who was sitting closest to him. His first choice for partner was long gone so it didn’t matter who he got now. “Oy, you wanna raise a sprog together?”

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