Mikael Lundqvist

April 24, 2021, 2:57 p.m.

Seeking a strategic approach

Anssi had been lucky enough to experience RMI’s version of Sex Ed two times already. The first was when he was too young to be in the class himself, but his brother had made a lasting impression: someone had decided that Ruben’s punishment for fighting in school would be to look after all of the other students’ babies while they had a Halloween party. He still wasn’t sure where the logic was for that, but it had gifted him with the image of babies spitting up all over Ruben’s clothes in the designated childcare room. (This was a satisfying memory.) The second was when he had taken the class himself as a fourth-year and was paired up with Leo Harris, who had been both more knowledgeable about babies than he expected and also very prone to referring to theirs as a ‘maggot’. Theirs had come to life with long hair and they had agreed to shave it off, bonding over a shared dislike of anything resembling his brother. (That had been more satisfying in the moment than it was to look back on, but still.)

In any case, as soon as he saw the notice about a mandatory Cultural Studies class he knew exactly what was going on. For once Malachi had agreed to his ideas without any pushback and the two had reorganized their dorm yesterday to make space for the inevitable two sets of supplies, including a curtain charmed to be noise-cancelling and stretched down the middle. The chances that they would be allowed to partner together was too low to hope for - and honestly, as much as he had come to tolerate his roommate over the years, Malachi wasn’t someone Anssi was particularly fond of spending time with. But working on this was proof that they could make it through, and the blonde walked into the Lecture Hall feeling prepared.

Or as prepared as one could be when faced with losing sleep and quiet study time in your final year of school. This was really inconvenient timing. He had university applications to finish, and his final project for Spellwork. And Dagny and Jocke had offered to visit Pearl Street on weekends, once Malin was big enough to apparate safely; he wanted to spend time with his new niece, but not while juggling a baby of his own.

Fiddling idly with the hem of his grey t-shirt - he had foregone robes today, though his Head Student badge was pinned on his chest as always - Anssi paid enough attention to follow along with what was happening. Internally, he was reviewing his application essay for Aalto University. Estelle Blair was one of those professors that you didn’t want to risk taking out unrelated notes during class, but he had been working on his essay on and off in the evenings recently, and had enough of it memorized that he could have something else to think about. She still had a very thorough approach to talking about sex, and unlike his fourth-year self Anssi didn’t feel awkward at all, but he still didn’t feel any interest or need to learn about it, either. He wasn’t his brother, and that was more than fine with him.

He snapped back to full attention as it came time to partner up. The assignment was sure to be the same, but who he would get to work with for the next couple months was something he couldn’t predict. In fourth-year he remembered the pairings had been almost entirely same-gendered, and while there was still some of that going on it seemed Professor Blair was allowing a little more variety this year. Standing up when his name was called, the blonde followed her finger to another student. He was surprised by her choice but walked over agreeably and sat down in an empty seat beside them. “Hey,” Anssi greeted them with a nod. “I hope we can figure out a good schedule for this. Seventh year plus babies is… a lot.” He was already mentally adding together his duties as Head Student and Draco Quidditch captain with what he knew of the other student’s extracurriculars.

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