Jameson Daegan

April 24, 2021, 8:54 p.m.

I have no idea what's going on

Because JD couldn’t come up with any new songs during his last year of mountain prison, his mother hired a songwriter without his knowledge. And, in the most shocking turn of events, they were a hit. People loved the new songs. In fact, while stuck once again underground, his agent was fielding requests for concerts and appearances that he couldn’t do left and right.

Back at Rocky Mountain International, his anxiety continued to run rampant. The sixteen year old continued to meet with Counselor Tennant (in secret) for therapy sessions. JD just wanted to be better, but it actually seemed to make things worse. He didn’t want to delve into the deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings. He wanted to be a full performer again, be the person his fans loved and worshipped, not this manufactured thing that revitalized his career over the summer. They continued to market the Pop Pensieve, but… was that JD anymore?

Could he claim to be worth the fame if the thing people most loved was made by someone else?

Naturally, his classwork was pretty dismal this year. School hadn’t been in session for that long, but it had been long enough for JD to make a mess of things. He couldn’t even remember to pay Jace Fitz to do his homework like last year. It was the furthest thing from his mind. JD wasn’t sure anything was going on in his mind under his perfect blond hair, except for a nonstop buzzing noise that made his ears ring if he focused on it for too long. That’s why his current fascination was simple: distractions.

Like this class! This sex-ed class he didn’t need could easily become a distraction. After all, he’d already done the deed in Amsterdam a year ago on tour, and it was great. He’d done it a few more times, and he knew all the rules. His agent talked to him about it. They couldn’t have any mini-pop stars on the scene if he wanted to have something to go back to after graduation. But Professor Blair was right - sex was great! It was just so hard to get here.

He felt he could get there with Sadie Embers. She was cute, feisty, and they already made out a ton when either one of them was bored. But where would they Do It? RMI was filthy with barely any privacy - and JD knew that the best stars only did questionable stuff in public when the paparazzi was around, which they weren’t in the school.

His brain drifted away from whatever Professor Blair was saying to a much better distraction: a Fuck-et List. It was like a Bucket List but wayyyyyy more fun. Sadie Embers? Definitely, she was easy. His eyes wandered over to Elliot Phippen. Still cute, seemed to have no boundaries, up for whatever. Yeah, JD could see it. Darlene Knight was an absolute nutcase, so that could be a good time, especially paired with her only friend in the universe, Kit Kendrick. And of course he couldn’t rule out Andrew Tennant - look at him. Tycho was too much of a prude, Gigi could get it, and JD couldn’t help but think that Eugene would be a weird time, but a good time.

By this point in his list, JD had missed all of the instructions, students switching spots, and was very confused when a floating box with a faceless baby appeared in front of him and his new seatmate. "The pineapple is that?"

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