Jason Fitz

April 25, 2021, 10:34 a.m.

Experiential learning isn't for me

It was Beth’s turn to prank Jace, which meant he was being extra careful when it came to wandering ‘round the school or even going to play Quidditch or anything. He was even suspicious of his twin, ‘cause he knew Jake well enough to know that Jake would do just about anything to mess with Jace as long as it didn’t involve being an absolute dick for no reason, so Beth probably had an ally in Jake if she really wanted one even if Jake wasn’t on board with Beth as a whole for some reason. Like overall Jake was kinda moody lately and Jace didn’t know what the issue was but since they were in different Houses, it was hard to pull him aside and be like, bro, what’s up? And there was always someone around otherwise. Jace was kinda worried but he was also pretty sure that if it was anything real serious, Jake woulda said something.

And all things told if it weren’t Professor Blair up there with some very uncomfortable charts, Jace woulda thought it was Beth pulling the best prank of all time on him. Unfortunately for Jace though, it was Professor Blair up there with uncomfortable charts saying some uncomfortable things. And it wasn’t like Jace knew everything - like the gay stuff, he didn’t know the gay stuff - but he kinda had the general idea before this class. Now he had more than the general idea and if he was being entirely honest with himself, more curiosity than not about that gay stuff. Prior to this class, Jace couldn’t really say he’d thought about much gay stuff but now it was in his brain and like boy was it in his brain.

Because he had more of an attention span than most of the people he knew, Jace was able to still focus on the class, which meant he was paying attention when he was paired with Anssi from seventh year. They weren’t friends, which seemed to be Professor Blair’s thing with these pairs she was making (Jace genuinely winced in sympathy for one or two of them) but they weren’t enemies either. Jace didn’t really have many enemies, although he did kinda like avoiding some people. That JD kid was off the rails in more ways than one for sure - didn’t stop Jace taking his money, but did mean that unlike most of the other people whose homework he was willing to do for spare cash, Jace didn’t chill with him outside of that.

Anssi moved before Jace did though, and took the empty seat next to him before starting in on how seventh year and this class was going to be a lot. Jace shrugged at that. He really didn’t mind doing other peoples’ homework and didn’t really see how this was going to be any different.

“Nah you’re good,” he said. “My schedule’s chill,” it wasn’t, but Jace made time, “so I we can work out whatever.” There was a brief pause before Jace decided to take advantage of the older guy’s age and experience (or what he assumed was experience, given that it seemed like the whole dang school was gay as a boy band sometimes). “So about that gay crap,” he said, casually. “What do you think? Was Blair like, right about how that works?”

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