Sadie Embers

April 25, 2021, 1:36 p.m.

We can try to have fun with it!

One of the perks of having a million and five RMI alum in the family had to be knowing this class was coming. Baby class had been around forever. Aunt Abby told her about the time she and Elliot’s mom had a baby together named Miranda, and that had been ages ago. She knew all of her aunts, and her mom and dad, had done the class, and her cousin Marissa. Actually, Drew and Kit took the class once, too. Ha, that sucked for the seventh years. How often did that happen?

Anyway, when Professor Blair announced a Super Required No Questions Asked No Excuses Allowed class, Sadie knew what it was going to be. She didn’t mind talking about sex stuff. She hadn’t done any sex stuff yet, but she’d done lots of kissing with JD, and since she pretty much lived at Elliot’s house over the summer, they’d quickly learned they could practice making out to avoid boredom. Things felt weird at home - she couldn’t tell if her parents were fighting or not, and she had a feeling the tension was related to her - so living at Elliot’s and practicing kissing and small over the clothes stuff was much, much better.

The point was, Sadie didn’t need this class. Between her mom giving her snippets of A Talk, practicing with a couple of people, television, and the number of accidental pregnancies that ran in her family, she’d been able to put most of it together. She felt that this stuff was something you could talk about but wouldn’t actually be understood until you did it. And if slash when she did Do It, Sadie was smart enough to make sure she never, ever got pregnant. No, thanks.

(Sadie did pay a little more attention to the gay stuff, because she didn’t know much about that, but there were plenty of Actual Gays she could go ask if she wanted that information. So, meh, get to the babies already.)

The big surprise came when Professor Blair took away all of Sadie’s best options for a partner. Damn it, she should have predicted this. Professor Blair loved taking pleasure from her students’ pain; she and her mom would totally get along. Sadie audibly groaned when Tycho was partnered with someone else - he would have been Perfect; she could get Tycho to do anything - and gave up on the hope that this would be an easy however many weeks.

At least she liked Joey. Sadie stretched her arms above her head before shrugging. Her black t-shirt lifted just above her belly-button. “Sure, let’s raise a sprog,” she replied, teasing Joey with her own bad Aussie accent. Then, she reached over and smacked his arm, continuing her bad accent and joking grin. “Yah knahked me up, yah asshole! You’ll need to pay sprog support!”

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