April 25, 2021, 3:30 p.m.

Which one made me Bad?

It was hard not to be sad in Darlene’s current state of life, but she couldn’t help but chuckle a little. She didn’t know Eugene especially well, but he was a younger boy in her House-... well, her former House, and he was… quirky, to say the least. He was also one of Drew’s newspaper people, but she tried not to dwell on that connection and just let herself enjoy Eugene’s antics, at least a little. How did he already have a hat ready? Did he just walk around with a baby hat at all times?

Darlene didn’t know a whole lot about genes, but she couldn’t decide after whom she would prefer their baby take. On one hand, if it looked like Eugene, then she wouldn’t have to look at her own traits and symbolically stare into the face of her own mistakes, but on the other hand, Darlene was very pretty, and her face was a good one to have. But either way, just as he pointed out, the baby was getting a face.

The seventh year gasped a little watching it form. It was cool but freaky and also maybe kinda beautiful? She definitely thought it looked like her, but that was Eugene’s dimpled chin. “Whoa,” she said aloud. It started crying immediately, and after a split second of frozen panic, she started bouncing it against her shoulder. “Should we talk about names?” she asked. “Maybe we pick a boy name and a girl name. I don’t really want to check here. You know, to preserve the baby’s modesty.”

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