Tycho Leppit

April 25, 2021, 3:41 p.m.

I didn't need to see that!

Tycho had watched Addi have enough ill-conceived (pun intended) children (himself included) to have sort of a feeling on the birds and the bees. And it was a talk he had already gotten a while ago from Reece, which was about as awkward as you expect, but, hey, the guy had 2.5 kids so he sorta knew what he was talking about, at least.

Still, this lesson had a lot more… visual aids than Tycho was expecting. He definitely felt afterward that he never needed to see anybody else’s genitals ever again. That was a feeling that was almost certain to change with time, but for now, he was okay with only seeing his own, and only when strictly necessary. Life was better that way, simpler, less full of freaky STI lumps and bumps. Tycho felt less innocent now, and he longed for the times before his naivety was stolen, like ten minutes ago. How young he was.

Fortunately, the lecture moved on from that, and he couldn’t help but smile at the baby suddenly on display in front of them. Tycho kinda thought “Cambrian” was a silly name, but then, he and his siblings all had stupid names, so he couldn’t really talk. He did really like babies, though. He was old enough to be an active part of the family when Addi and Reece started spawning, and Lysander and Calypso were pretty fun little people, even though he was pretty sure Lysander got into his stuff when he was at school. He had no confirmation, of course, but he was deeply suspicious of his little brother’s activities. The genetic combination of Reece and Addi was likely to have two possible outcomes: little nerds or agents of chaos. Tycho had yet to determine which way his siblings fell. They were still pretty young, though.

And speaking of being young, Tycho was definitely too young for fatherhood, but he did have the shocking momentary thought that his mom hadn’t been too much older than he was now when she had him. He was pretty sure he only didn’t die because of Garen, honestly. To that end, he immediately wanted to be partners with Drew, but unfortunately, Tycho was one of the few who was assigned a partner. He made eye contact with them and gestured to them to indicate that he would come sit over there.

“Hey lover,” he said, cracking into laughter as he plopped down in the chair next to his new co-parent. “Ready for parenthood?”

OOC: "The end."

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