Andrew Tennant

April 25, 2021, 4:26 p.m.

Do you ever?

Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa. Why?

Drew had already done the babies class. A few years ago. With DJ. Right after he’d punched him, which had been a whole different problem that the babies thing actually helped with. And to DJ’s credit, he’d been the first one to figure out Drew had a crush on Remy, practically before Drew had figured it out, and he’d… well he hadn’t exactly helped but at least DJ hadn’t made things worse.

But that was in fourth year. Now Drew was a seventh year, Head Student, Rocky Voices editor, Cetus Beater, part-time record seller, Animagus student, and recovered poisonee (that wasn’t a responsibility but it still felt relevant) and he didn’t have time for a fake baby. He just didn’t. Especially when he’d already learned the things from this class. Having kids is a big decision, be safe, cooperate with your partner, etcetera. And even though the fake babies were just about as cute as real babies, Drew wished that he could’ve gotten out of the class… especially because mandatory really did mean everyone this time. And everyone included Darlene.

He’d successfully avoided her so far this year, and he was pretty sure that Professor Blair wouldn’t pair him up with her, but he still took the furthest seat from his ex that he possibly could, just to be safe. His therapist, Levi, had asked him what closure would look like in the whole Darlene situation. Drew hadn’t been sure. Maybe eventually he would feel like he needed a conversation to have closure, but right now he was happy to not have to talk to her. He didn’t know what he would say anyhow. That was a problem for another time, or for never.

His problem for right now was that Professor Blair had told him to sit next to JD Daegan, which… yeah. Drew didn’t expect teachers to cut him a break, especially not Professor Estelle, but she could’ve at least put him with Anssi. Or at least someone he’d feel comfortable leaving a houseplant alone with, to say nothing of a baby.

“This,” he said, feeling tired in advance, “is our baby.” Drew remembered how to activate it from last time, so he moved the box between them and touched the baby’s cheek. “Here, do this so we can get started.”

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