Eugene Hardie

April 25, 2021, 6:13 p.m.

You? Fell in with the wrong crowd

Eugene was probably biased but he thought Darlene and him had made one of the cutest babies EVER. Darlene was basically a Disney princess (which was why it had been so surprising to the student body when she'd gone all wicked stepmother and started poisoning the prince) but Eugene liked to think he'd contributed something to the gorgeous baby in Darlene's arms.

Eugene side eyed Darlene. He had seen his brother and sister changed on the hood of cars, on public benches, in stairwells, and once on a supermarket aisle. No, his family weren't popular with local business owners, but Eugene had never once worried about his siblings' modesty. In his own experience you didn't start working about all that until puberty. Like Eugene had recently become very concerned with how scrawny he was, that he seemed to be growing like a tall twig rather than a sturdy tree. Now he couldn't be sure but, he was willing to bet that he hadn't worried about flashing his bits when he was a minute old.

But Darlene was a pureblood, and if Leo was to be believed, hadn't ever wiped her own butt before coming to RMI. Eugene hadn't had much experience with Darlene's sort in his time at RMI and he didn't really spend a lot of time thinking about them, he wondered if raising a baby with Darlene might benefit him beyond exposing Kit. Maybe he would actually learn something about these mysteriously rich wizards beyond the knowledge that they didn't like dirt and didn't mind poisoning people they loved.

"Sure," Eugene said in agreement with her silly suggestion because he was supposed to be turning her and sometimes that meant pretending someone was smart when they weren't. It would probably make the most sense to give baby a unisex name but Eugene kept that thought to himself. "For a girl how about...Dandelion or Marmalade or Star OR Starlight Dandelion."

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